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So As Not to Have the Mistake Repeated by Future Generations, Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Prophecy

Here, from the viewpoint of why the sect caused the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, I will explain the main ideas that its purpose was fulfilling its prophecy.

At about 4:00 a.m. we arrived at the second Aum Shinrikyo training facility, Asahara said "I will meditate for thinking" and he got off limousine. In the limousine, nothing concrete was not decided. Based on the evidence, it is assumed that at approximately 9:00 a.m. on the 18th, in order to prevent the compulsory investigation, HM instructed the perpetrators to carry out the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, but as a total of the sect, like disposing illegal articles such as AK rifles and so on from the morning of the 18th, it took measures on the premise of the compulsory investigation.

Early morning of the 18th, HM said to me "I command members of Department of Science and Technology for releasing sarin on subway trains. Before it, I want you to plant time bomb at a place of Dr. Shimada, and to throw a firebomb to Aoyama training hall", but I was not explained why we would trigger off these incidents.

As for self-provoking of my part, I could understand that the purpose would be laying the groundwork for making the compulsory investigation be seen as oppression of religion. However, about the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, in the limousine, the conclusion was that it would be impossible to avoid the compulsory investigation even if they released sarin, I couldn't understand its purpose, vaguely, I imagined that Asahara decided to trigger off the incident as gods' will after getting off limousine.

At the night of the 19th, the police raided the Osaka branch. In October, 1990, when the Kumamoto police had raided the sect by the doubt of violation of the National Land Use Planning Act, the object had been the sect in all of Japan, so by the raid on the Osaka branch, the raid on all the buildings of the sect was just a matter of time, it had already become a problem that went beyond merely preventing the raid or changing its course.

In the gray of the morning of the 20th, in the seventh Aum Shinrikyo training facility, HM said to the perpetrators of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway "The police raided the Osaka branch. The policemen entered the branch like mobile troops. It is truly a war" when he sent them. This HM's word apparently contradicts the saying that they triggered off the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in order to prevent the raid.

What was the purpose of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway?
From about 4:00 a.m. when limousine arrived at Kamikuishiki-village to about 9:00 a.m. when the perpetrators received the instructions from HM, in these five missing hours, I'm sure that Asahara and others decided it in conspiracy. Although I was not in the conspiracy, if I suggest from the condition at that time and actual situation of the sect, it is rational to see that Asahara decided it for fulfilling his prophecy, on that, he intended to take preparatory steps for making his disciples responsible for it.

Asahara made his own gods' revelation be gods' will, from Nostradamus's Great Prophecies books, he read "in order to clear human accumulated sinful deeds, god will trigger off Armageddon and subsequent wars", "Nostradamus also predicted that god or super humans who received god's will would trigger off huge wars to ruin human beings" and he created his religious war theory.

Like this, Asahara, as his identity, believed that he was a savor who would save humans from the ruin, and who would create a new world, by triggering off Armageddon written in various prophecy books.

Then Asahara had triggered off the incidents which could be read from prophecy or astrology for fulfilling prophecy. For example, the Kameido Bacillus anthracis attacks was conducted by decoding of prophecy, the date of Matsumoto sarin gas attack was decided by astrology.

On January 1st,1995, although the scoop about relationship between Matsumoto sarin gas attack and the sect was carried in Yomiuri newspaper, on the 8th of the same month, the sect had a talk between Asahara and HM titling "1995 predicted by astrology" by the sect's radio network. There, he suggested that a "religious war", in other words, an armed revolution by the sect would occur in November, and that, between January and April, a "phenomenon" before its "purification", in other words, a preliminary skirmish would occur.

When I recall dispassionately, if I see that Asahara, after the conversation in limousine, he meditated to think, and then he made fulfilling of his prophecy decide the fate, the facts and actual condition meets. During the investigation, I heard that a letter of responsibility of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway was found in KI's personal computer, and I saw its copy. In the gray of the morning of the 20th, the time when it had been printed out remained, the context was one which could be read as a preliminary skirmish whose purpose was change of government.

As for HM's explanation that it was for preventing the raid to the perpetrators, it is natural to see that it was a superficial excuse that although the raid was inevitable and the sect might be broken down, it was easier to motivate the perpetrators if he said that it was for protecting the sect rather than saying it was for fulfilling prophecy. In essence, no matter whether preventing the raid would be possible or not, on the 2nd of April, because I heard Asahara's message from KH, "if I live till November, I'm sure I will overturn", for Asahara, the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway was for fulfilling his prophecy.

When I attended testimony for Asahara, he intimidated me saying "Think why HM died. If you didn't talk, that’s it". As for his saying, it seems that, by saying so, he intended to take preparatory steps for making disciples responsible for the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

It also can be seen in the evidence in which, in the morning of the 18th, when HM ordered the perpetrators, he didn't say it was Asahara's order, instead, he said "you can refuse", in which, at about two in the morning of the 20th, because Asahara scolded HM saying "pull yourself together, or you fail", HM tried to make the perpetrators who were in Kamikuishiki-village meet Asahara, but Asahara wouldn't meet them.

The Organized activity in the sect was separated in three. The first was a level of Asahara. The second was a level of those who constructed systems and led operation for delivering Asahara's doctrine and action plan to all of the sect including priests, laymen and laywomen, and those who innovated, planned, and recommended various preparations for an armed revolution with Asahara. The third was a level of those who conducted the decided principles and orders.

In the Aum Incidents, Asahara and his disciples who were directly involved in the incidents at the site were subject to criminal liability. When Asahara's orders were delivered to his disciples, there are signs that level two disciples and Asahara had various talks. But they are not subject to even criminal liability by refusing to testify. In the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway too, after the talk in the limousine, there were the five missing hours between the talk and the orders to the perpetrators, and as for the letter of responsibility of the crime, because Asahara and they refused to testify, the essence of the true conspiracy, motivation for the crime, and its purpose are not reflected on the incident's plot itself (as if there were not their roles), and not solved.

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