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So As Not to Have the Mistake Repeated by Future Generations, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Madness

After the scoop of Yomiuri newspaper of January 1st of 1995, Asahara strictly blamed "you said you would be able to manufacture 7 tons of sarin by December but you couldn't and we are in this situation. I did ordered to do in December. What will you do?"

At that time, Asahara said in careless tone "That's enough about K". By Asahara's order, I asked K who had been a policeman of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau how was secret investigation of the sect about Matsumoto sarin gas attack after the scoop by Yomiuri. According to K, in his work site, although he heard figuring out of purchase route of medicine was conducted as the same as Yomiuri's line, he was only at the very lowest rung, so he didn't know more. Then it was when I reported it.

The latter 10 days of January, Asahara ordered to kill Ryuho Ohkawa by spraying botulinum toxin during his lecture in Yokohama Arena. One day before of his lecture, Ohkawa's whereabouts was known, and it developed to VX attack to Ohkasawa, but there was no damage.

On February 6th, Our plan to build various types of companies and turn employees into disciples started, it was called Taiyoseijaku alliance. I was ordered to make "matchmaking service". In this work, my subordinates who had been in charge of study of issues of near future in CHS (intelligence department) was ordered the same thing, in fact, the group was apart from CHS. On top of that, SH was in charge of semiconductor factory which was under control of HM, in order to gather information in Yugoslavia, as a leader, SH took CHS's members. At that time, there were one thousand several hundred samanas, but I could use only five samanas, of the three had left the sect once but I had made them return. "It seems that Asahara fears that power of subordinates or works will be gathered to me. If so, it is so dangerous." I felt I was nearly cornered.

On the 9th of the same month, "Inoue, K, if you do the same thing again, you are dead", Asahara was furious at the minister meeting. In CHS, even samanas who could do accounting was not given, so I asked a female samana who had been my subordinate at the time when I had been a general manager of Tokyo to help. Its claim was delivered to Asahara; the reason was the female samana had romantic feeling to me.

In mid-February, I was severely scolded by Asahara, "This happens because you're not willing to do it. What do you think of gods' will?" He was saying about the thing, for investigation of Mr. Ohkawa, samanas of the Ministry of Home Affairs were dispatched, but they were unskilled, CHS's samanas couldn't say a thing to them because they were in higher stage, so the both couldn't cooperate, soon they were found by the side of Mr. Ohkawa.

Several days later, when I was asked about how things were in Mr. Ohkawa's condominium, and I reported, Asahara and HM started a plan in which they would prepare microwave generating equipment to irradiate it to the condominium for killing the all residents. I promptly let it slip that "nearly thirty young people are living together inside. Are you going to kill them all?" Then Asahara said in outrageous tone "they were all my disciples in their previous lives. They are mistakenly under Ohkawa. They are not saved if I don't kill them." I was only in silence.

Several days after this, when I saw Asahara in eating place of the sect, for the first time, for a moment, I wanted to kill him.

On the 23rd of the same month, it was the day on which Asahara designated to kill Mr. Ohkawa as gods' will, but we failed to manufacture microwave generating equipment, so it was put off.

On the 28th of the same month, Mr. Kariya's incident.

The first ten days of March, as for information gathering in Yugoslavia, there was talk about Plasma weapon, as a purpose of making sure, I offered going there to Asahara, but he persisted in NO.

On the 8th of March, I was ordered investigation if it was possible to set spray of botulinum toxin on mass media, on the 11st, I reported it would be impossible to do to mass media, I was ordered to conduct the attaché case incident.

On the 13th, after looking the site over, when I was eating in a family restaurant, I strongly felt "why does he make me do this?" I thought "Half-finished is not good. If I am watched by Asahara, even chance of running away disappears and I will be killed. If I don't conduct this, I have no choice but to kill Asahara". I yielded to severe self-hatred by the thinking. "I can't endure such a contradiction. Because I can't deny Asahara, I have no choice but to deny myself", I was obsessed. However, that alone is too sad. "If toxin has been manufactured, it's like setting nuclear weapons. If we make Japanese fabric of society which was made to be a dependent country of US break down, path of Armageddon may change. It may be gods' will. Yes, I will do for gods' will." I decided.

Before noon of the 15th, when I saw the TV news about the attaché case incident, I knew that one I had set was found without working, I thought "I'm not able to conduct". Although I checked if it would work, unconsciously, I didn't push the button.