Tuesday, October 25, 2016

About this Blog

Today, terrorist attacks by religious groups occur frequently worldwide. How can we solve this problem?

In Japan, the Subway Sarin Gas Attack by the Aum Shinrikyo (the Aum Supreme Truth cult) occurred in 1995, causing many casualties and 12 deaths. Its leader and many members of the sect were arrested and prosecuted in a series of Aum-related cases. In December 2009, the death sentence given to Yoshihiro Inoue, one of the former members, was upheld.

Mr. Inoue was initially sentenced to life in prison at his first trial for his involvement in the Subway Sarin Gas Attack and other activities. However, he was sentenced to death in his second trial, and the Supreme Court dismissed his final appeal to the death sentence.

After his arrest, he separated himself from the Aum Shinrikyo at an early stage, deeply regretting what he had done. He has been seeking a way to make reparations for his crimes ever since.

We are acting to support Mr. Inoue's appeal to the death sentence so he will be able to make reparations for his crimes. We stand with him as he faces his crimes, and wish to think about them together.

In this blog, we will publicize the personal notes he wrote in prison.
We hope that we can help prevent similar incidents from happening again by providing readers of this blog the opportunity to learn about the current thoughts of Mr. Inoue, his experiences with the Aum Shinrikyo, and the process of his separation from the cult's ideas, and by sharing the lessons learned from the incident.

Moreover, while more and more countries are abolishing the death penalty, Japan still retains this system. This blog intends to provide opportunities to think about what it means to make reparations for crimes, and alternative ways to atone for them other than the death penalty.